Terms & Conditions

Trading Terms & Conditions

1. Asianfoodonline Trading Terms & Conditions will follow Australia Fair Trading Law. /我们交易的条款将遵照澳大利亚公平交易法律进行。

2. If the payment method is payment on delivery, Please make payment after receiving and checking the delivered goods are per order and invoice. /如果您的付款方式是货到付款,请在收到货并核实后按照发票上的金额和付款信息进行银行转账或支付现金。

3. If there is any misalignment between order and delivery, please contact our office via phone, wechat or email with evidence./如果配送货物与您订的货有出入,无需惊慌,只要给我们公司电话,微信留言或者邮件均可,我们会为你及时处理,保证您的权益。

4. During Covid-19 pandemic period, we will deliver the goods to your door with invoice . Please make payment per invoice bank account with invoice number or name in your payment descriptions./在2019-新冠肺炎流行期间,为了您的健康,我们将会把货物配送到您的家门口,并留下发票,避免进行任何的人员接触。请您在核对货物和发票后按照发票上的付款信息进行银行转账,避免现金交易。如果实在需要支付现金,请提前将确切金额的现金准备好放在塑料袋中,放在指定地方告知送货人员拿取。